Blogging Challenge # 7 : Howard the Duck versus Superman [Fan-Fiction]

[FAN-FICTION] Howard the Duck versus Superman by Claude Walrath

Before we get started:

First: This is the second Blogging Challenge post this week because I did not write one last week.

Second: This is a piece of fan fiction and I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this story. Howard, Beverly, Spider-Man, and Beast are property of Marvel Comics. Superman, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Maggie Sawyer, Lex Luthor, Luthor Corp, Cadmus, and SCU are all property of DC Comics. Apologies to the publishing companies. I love all the characters here and this is a tribute to them.

Third: Marvel Comics released a new Howard the Duck #1 today! The preview on is hilarious. Worth looking into.

Howard the Duck #1 by Marvel Comics Howard the Duck #1 by Marvel Comics


My name is Howard and I’m a duck.

Howard Howard

Are you done processing that yet? Yeah, I’m a duck that talks, smokes your Cuban cigars, wears suits and a fedora. I’ve been living…

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