IOS or Android?

As an IT “Professional” I am always asked this question. The most common answer people give is, “well, it depends on what you like to do.” There is some truth in this statement however I think people should realize that if you stick with one for awhile you are probably going to favor that OS because you have gotten used to it. I have used them all and to be honest I don’t really have a preference. I used an IPhone off and on for the past 4 years. I started with a 3GS and ended with the 4S. My wife currently has the 5S. On the other hand my first real “smart phone” was the Samsung captivate which was the first galaxy android phone that Samsung offered. I loved that phone, it was the greatest thing. To be honest I don’t remember what happened to it. I also had the Motorola Atrix and Atrix 2. Those phones were kind of disappointing which lead me to the Iphone. I liked how the Iphone just worked….which is what most iPhone people seem to say. The iphone did everything I wanted it to do and my life was sync’d with it. Just recently I ditched the 4S for the brand new Galaxy S5. …… I love this phone. I think the reason I wasn’t really a fan of android was because I hadn’t found an android phone that performed the way my captivate did all those years ago. I can’t really tell you which one you would like better, but I strongly urge you to give both a try and judge it from there, because each OS has something nm special to offer, if you are more techy you might want to give an android phone a try….I don’t think you would be dissapointed.


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