Battle Bunny

Oh man! The bar for children’s books has been significantly raised.

Battle Bunny

Battle Bunny

(Yes, I’m aware that I need to take pictures with something better than the lousy camera on my cell phone…)

My daughter told me all about Battle Bunny a few weeks ago so we went to the library to look for it and WE FOUND IT!

Battle Bunny Interior Pages

Battle Bunny Interior Pages

Now I was raised in a household where I was not comfortable writing in books, even ones that I owned, but the premise of this story is that a boy named Alex, whose birthday it is, changes the story of Birthday Bunny into a the battle between himself and the super villain Battle Bunny, by crossing out words, changing words, and adding new pictures.

Battle Bunny More Interior Pages

Battle Bunny More Interior Pages

What makes this book so entertaining is the amount of creativity that went into making it. It’s two books in one. The story of Birthday Bunny and the story of Battle Bunny that “Alex” turned it into. The drawings are simplistic because they are meant to look like they were drawn by a young boy, but it reminded me of comics strips that I used to draw when I was younger and the types of stories I used to tell. To me this was a trip back to my youth for me.

I won’t say that this book will win a ton of awards or hold up particularly well against the test of time, but it sure was an entertaining read for my daughter and I.


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