Three Theories About Disney’s “Frozen”

There are multiple theories that people have deduced after watching Disney’s hugely successful animated movie “Frozen” some from the outright ludicrous to some worth considering. Today we will look at three of them.

1.) The Scene where Elisa builds her ice castle is a tribute to Watchmen

In Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons “Watchmen,” the character Dr. Manhattan runs away to Mars and uses his powers to build a glass castle from the sand on Mars. In “Frozen”, after Elsa runs away from Arendelle she uses her powers to create an ice castle from the snow.

Alex Wolinetz brought this to light.

Here is an image of pages from Watchmen with the lyrics to the song “Let it Go” that Elsa sings.

Page from Watchmen with lyrics from "Let it Go"

Page from Watchmen with lyrics from “Let it Go”

Check out for more of the image.

2.) Frozen is actually promoting a pro-gay agenda

The Daily Beast has a really good article about this and it can be read here.

Now I have seen the movie with my daughter three times and I cannot think of a single scene in the movie that even remotely promotes some kind of “gay” agenda.


Do these crack pots think the fact that Anna sacrifices herself in an act of true love to save her sister Elsa is a pro-gay act? Is this because some shallow big oaf didn’t have to run in and save the day? Even the supporters of the theory couldn’t point to a single scene in the movie and say without a doubt it was supporting a “gay” agenda.

This is just another crazy theory that someone cooked up to draw attention to themselves.

This is a movie about two sisters and their bond to one another.

3.) Elsa is a mutant

In the beginning of the movie when Elsa accidently zaps Anna with her ice powers and they have to visit the Rock Trolls to save Anna. The head rock trolls asks Elsa’s father about the nature of her powers with the question “born or cursed”? In which her father answers “born”.

In most animated children movies if a person has a power it is from some kind of curse or an personal understanding of magic, but Elsa has neither. She was born with her powers. Unlike the mutants in the Marvel Universe (which Disney, the creators of Frozen, now own) Elsa’s powers were evident at a very young age, where the mutants in the Marvel Universe do not see their mutant powers manifest until they hit puberty.

Still… it’s possible.


If only there had been an Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters for Elsa to attend she would have been able to control her powers and not accidently put Arendelle in a deep freeze. Maybe her next wardrobe change can be to blue and gold spandex?

If you want my review of Frozen here it is: It is beautifully animated, funny, well written, and entertaining with very good songs.


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