The End of Insert Img

Today Wes Molebash posted his last Insert Img comic strip, announced the comics end, and posted a blog on explaining why he shut Insert Img down.

"The Journey Ends" - The final Insert Img comic.

“The Journey Ends” – The final Insert Img comic.

I was completely bummed to learn this today because I am a huge fan of Wes’s artwork and storytelling and I was really enjoying Insert Img. I have been following Wes for several years back in the days when he was doing a comic strip called “You’ll Have That”. Wes did a guest comic for PVP and I remember thinking “I love this artwork. I’ve got to learn more about this Wes Molebash” and that started my relationship with Wes’s comics. Wes and I had emailed each other a couple of times, and Josh and I had talked about interviewing Wes specifically for  Allnerdity, as we could cover two of our topics: Comics and Faithful Fatherhood. In August, when Wes’s first son was born I knew that a handful of questions that I wanted to ask Wes revolved around how he balanced his obligation to his comics and his obligation to his family.I always talked about how I wanted to interview Wes but it never happened because of one crucial thing that I lacked:


The same reason that Wes discusses in his blog about why he ended Insert Img. He puts alot of effort into Insert Img but its not something that he can continue to do at its current high level of quality, while performing the crucial task expand his audience by creating comics more frequently, and giving his family the proper attention it deserves.

In regards to his family Wes properly sums it up with this

I want my wife and my children to love my creative passions, not resent them. So it’s imperative that I make them first and plan my creative endeavors around them.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago called Identity Crisis to address the significant lack of posts here lately, and I see exactly where Wes is coming from and while I am going to miss a weekly dose of his comics (just like I did between the end of Max vs. Max and the beginning of Insert Img) I don’t begrudge him for his decision.

Well atleast we’ve got the archives to tide us over until Wes’s next project surfaces.



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