Identity Crisis

by Claude

Unfortunately, this post is not about the excellent series of the same name by writer Brad Meltzer and artist Rags Morales published by DC in 2004.


This post is about the current state of Allnerdity. A state of the website address if you will. Recently you may have noticed some major changes to the site. First, the site looks completely different. That is because we moved from paid hosting through Godaddy to free hosting through WordPress. This is also why the site is now redirecting to We own and we will be setting it up soon so this site is

The more important question though: Why did you change your hosting?

Well, to be frank, we didn’t want to pay for hosting anymore.

It’s not that it was that much or that we don’t love doing the site. It’s because we originally launched the site we partnered with Google for their Adsense program to have ads placed on the site. For every ad clicked we generated a small amount of money and when we reached $100 Google would pay us. We figured we would be able to generate enough ad revenue to pay for the hosting and domain registration. Unfortunately, it did not turn out this way. Allnerdity was close to 10,000 views, which is pretty remarkable considering we started the website of July 4th of 2013; however, it was very rare that our the ads got clicked. I will admit that I have always been somewhat suspiscous of ads that appear on websites. I never can tell if its something legitimate or if it is some kind of spamming site (they will sell an ad to anybody, you know!). When we originally launched the site we had several friends, whom unprompted by us, were clicking ads because they knew it would support the site. Unfortunately, Google “knows what normal ad clicking behavior is” and felt “we were violating their rules” and quickly shut down our Adsense account for a while.

Also, if you have noticed in the past month or so that posts have been less frequent, mainly because both Josh 2.0 and I have been extremely busy with other obligations. On the horizon for both of us are even more obligations so we have to make some decisions about how much time can we really commit to Allnerdity. If the time that we can commit to Allnerdity is called into question then we also have to ask ourselves are we generating content that is worth reading?

Currently, when it comes to news stories we have been sharing new stories from several different sources on the Allnerdity’s Facebook page.

There haven’t been any new comics lately but I have some ideas for some and hope to start posting them again soon.

There are alot of television shows, comic books, and movies that I am enjoying right now and plan on continuing to review them and post them here.

I haven’t posted any of my thoughts about Bill Nye and Ken Hamm debating Creationism or the Supreme Court’s shooting down of Net Neutrality but if I feel I have something worth saying about either of these things or other events then I will.

In conclusion, we haven’t given up on Allnerdity and more posts are coming.


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