Almost Human Episode Eight “You Are Here”

“You shot it because you like me”.

If you were freaked out about the NSA or Google tracking you on the internet then tonight’s episode of Almost Human is a crashing wave of terror for you. In this episode “real time tracking software for personal advertising” is everywhere. Dorian steps in front of a monitor and it detects his identify and begins to market good specifically for him. He doesn’t prompt the monitor in anyway; it is just his proximity that brings it to life with its marketing drivel.

almost humandorian kennex

Even Dorian is somewhat bewildered by the barrage of advertising.

But as scary as that is, here’s what’s even more terrifying. The programmer who perfected the real time tracking software has been black mailed by some thugs and they have taken his software and used it to make a self-guided bullet than can redirect its path in any direction so that it can hit its target. So basically you’re out enjoying a nice walk in the park and a shooter several blocks away fires a bullet. That bullet corners and weaves its way through building, trees, and even other people, until it ultimately find its target and hits them. No warning, no nothing, just out of the blue, bullet, shot, dead.

I’m biased at this point about Almost Human. I love this show. In fact when my Time Warner Cable was out tonight, I was somewhat panicking because I didn’t think I would have the box reset in time to catch the episode as it aired, but luckily I had it going at exactly eight o’clock. I really think this might be the best episode of the show yet and it’s somewhat irritating now that we have to wait another three weeks for another one.

In this episode we see a lot of relationship growth.

Dorian and Kennex: When an MX insults Dorian while he’s analyzing a crime scene, Kennex places his hand over the MX’s mouth to silence it, when it continues to insult Dorian Kennex pulls his revolver and shoots it in the head. We know at this point because this is a “buddy cop drama” that Dorian and Kennex are going to have a strong bond, and while Kennex has shown in the past that he has no regard for the MX’s to pull his weapon, and discharge a round a crime scene, truly understates Kennex’s respect for Dorian.



It is interesting that later in the episode Kennex says that no matter what you program them to do or how you dress them up as cops a robot will never be a cop and that he will dispose of any faulty electronic like he would dispose of faulty toaster. It’s in this statement here that it is becoming obvious that he no longer sees Dorian and metal, wires, and circuit boards.

Kennex and Detective Paul: Well, the MX that Kennex shoots in partnered up with Detective Paul and as much as we aren’t supposed to like him, It’s even harder to watch him still have absolute distaste and disrespect for Dorian and Kennex even after all the exceptional police work that they have done just in the first seven episodes of this show. How a fellow detective and professional colleague can’t have can’t have any respect or even professional courtesy in light of what they accomplished is absolutely appalling. However, in each episode when Paul and Kennex tiff, when their under the gun and lives are immediately at stake, they seem to be able to work together.

Detective Paul

Detective Paul

Kennex and Detective Stahl: Well of course their relationship is growing. They are still just flirting around saying things so they both know the other is interested, and never being bold enough to make the next step, but it’s sweet to see the two of them interacting on a social level and it leaves me pulling for there relationship.

Detective Stahl

Detective Stahl

Kennex and Captain Maldonado: You can’t just destroy extremely expensive police property and not expect to have the Captain breathing down your neck and that’s exactly what Maldonado does when Kennex shoots the MX. In our world if a cop shot his police cruiser because it wouldn’t start, that officer would be suspended without pay, forced into anger management classes (which Kennex already attends), and their service pistol taken away from them. However, as long as Kennex continues to perform good police work Maldonado seems willing to let it slide. It seems at some point that’s not going to be acceptable anymore.

Captain Maldonado

Captain Maldonado

And then on top of that larger pieces of the series are starting to come together regarding Dorian’s past, the ambush that killed so many officers and took Kennex’s leg, and just what exactly is in the evidence room?


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