Almost Human Episode 7 “Simon Says”

“Dorian, will you stop punching things?”

Almost Human is back from it’s holiday break and I can tell you that I genuinely missed this show, so what a better way to bring it back then with the action packed episode “Simon Says”!


The villain in this episode is Simon Lynch who has decided that he is going to revenge against people that have rejected him. He does this by strapping a bomb to their neck, giving them specific instructions to follow, and then upon completing these instructions the victim is given instructions on how to disable their bombs. Of course Lynch has the game rigged and none of his victims are ever going to get to the point where they can diffuse their bombs. Also, Lynch is filming the victims and posting the live videos on the internet, and is getting a sick voyeuristic pleasure watching them struggle, the amount of page views, and the comments of those watching.


The first victim is a bank loan officer who denied Lynch a loan because he was too unstable, the second victim is a woman who Lynch met on a dating site and then proceeded to creep out so she didn’t want anything to do with him, and the third is Detective Kennex. Now Detective Kennex hasn’t done anything specific against Lynch, but Lynch has a grudge against the Police Department because he was kicked out of the Bomb Squad training program after a failed psychiatric evaluation. He has an issue with Kennex because he had bad psychiatric evaluations after his accident and yet he was given a second chance whereas Lynch was not.

This episode has an action packed car chase, a race against time to defuse the bombs, and the trademark humor we’ve come to expect between Dorian and Kennex. This episode however has an extra special surprise: a solar flare. Due to the solar flare there are energy supply issue and conservation techniques go into effect. The MX’s are given a priority charge but Dorian is given only a 50% charge which effects his emotion circuits causing him to have wild mood swings and act irrationally. In a fit of emotion Dorian punches Detective Paul in the face after Paul insults. It rather enjoyed that part as Paul’s cocky attitude put him in a place where he had it coming. I really liked the idea of Dorian being unstable in this issue. There is so much of Dorian to explore, and these mood swings could be just the start of what there is to see.

almost humandorian kennex

The other interesting idea in this episode was the idea of the “Dark Net”, which is an unpatrolled area of the internet. Is that to say that in the future depicted in this show that there is a further collapse of constitutionally guaranteed rights? Is the internet completely NSA policed and controlled now?

All in all this is a great episode and this series is getting better with each episode.


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