Syracuse NY Metalcore Band Earth Crisis Collaborates with Liberator for “Salvation of the Innocents” Comic Book

The metalcore band EARTH CRISIS based out of Syracuse New York is collaborating with the creators of Black Mask’s Liberator comic book for a new comic book called “Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of the Innocents” which will relate to EARTH CRISIS’s new album “Salvation of the Innocents” to be released by Candlelight Records on March 4th. The comic book debuts on March 5th,  2014 and will be released by Black Mask.


Earth Crisis is known for being politically active and having song lyrics that promote a lifestyle of veganism, straight-edge, and bring awareness to the plight of the environment and animals.


Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of the Innocents

The comic synopsis reads:

When Sarah Mann takes a crappy custodial job at a cosmetics lab, she discovers cold-blooded scientist Dr. Elena Reznik’s secret facility where illegal vivisections are performed on live, conscious animals. Inspired by the stories of Jeanette and Damon’s animal liberations, Sarah pulls on her own mask and sets out to rescue the tortured animals.

And the creative team are:

Creator: Matt Miner
Producer: Matt Pizzolo
Writers: Matt MinerEarth Crisis
Illustrators: Javier Aranda (pencils/inks), Joaquin Pereyra (colors).
Cover A: Menton3
Cover B: Rod Reis

Track Listing for “Salvation of the Innocents”:

01. De-Desensitize
02. Out Of The Cages
03. Shiver
04. The Morbid Glare
05. Razors Through Flesh
06. Depraved Indifference
07. No Reason
08. The Pallid Surgeon
09. Devoted to Death
10. Into Nothingness
11. Tentacles of The Altering Eye
12. Final Breath


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