Almost Human Episode 5 “Blood Brothers”

Well, I’m hooked on this show.


I guess that means its time to start pulling ratings statistics and see how long this shows going to stick around. There have been some really good science fiction TV shows that haven’t made it past their first season. Firefly, Terranova, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles anyone?


These three shows were excellent and very well loved by their fans but unfortunately there weren’t enough fans watching to keep the shows on the air. Let’s hope that Almost Human is drawing enough fans to stay on the air. I’ll find the rating statistics and we will talk about them in a later post.


On to the episode:


The future technology in this episode is cloning. Psychopathic billionaire Ethan Avery has cloned himself for a reason that is never truly revealed, but it’s hinted that he has a tendency towards egotism. His positive view of himself is so great that what the world needs now is more of him. There are four clones of Avery that are kept hidden from society for over twenty years.


The Avery Clones hold Dt. Stahl captive

The Avery Clones hold Dt. Stahl captive


The “cop element” of this episode is witness protection and high stakes trail. Ethan Avery is on trial for the murder of the doctor who cloned Avery. It’s revealed in the episode that the doctor intended to publish his work which would then reveal the four clones Avery had made. For that reason, Avery has the doctor killed. The doctor was gunned down in a parking garage by two women who witnessed the whole thing. They are placed in witness protection so that they can testify at Avery’s trial. They are kept in a safe house and through holographic projection are able to be “present” in the courtroom while they testify. An Avery clone locates and infiltrates the safe house and kills the first witness who is “on the stand”. Her murder is seen by everyone in the courtroom. Her murderer is not. The second witness the petite psychic, Maya, is able to escape. (Her psychic powers come from a cebelix procedure performed to increase the amount of brain used. The detectives struggle to keep Maya alive as the Avery clones are actively hunting her down.


The budding relationship between Detectives Kennex and Stahl gives you a relationship to root for. When Maya “reads” Kennex she makes a reference to a bright light and people running. This could easily have been interpreted as a reference to Kennex’s tragic past and the explosion that cost him a partner and his leg. In truth, this is a reference to the relationship between Kennex and Stahl. There seems to be a mutual interest and its heart warming to see this relationship grow.


The comedic banter between Kennex and Dorian is hilarious. This episode starts off with a visual of MX anatomy that Kennex refers to as “life size Ken doll”. This then proceeds into a comedic banter between Kennex and Dorian about proportions of sex organs. The banter gets even better when Maya is traveling in the police cruiser with Kennex and Dorian and both Dorian and Maya team up for some Kennex bashing.

almost human skin 3

The action scenes in this episode are intense. From the shoot out with the Avery clones, to Stahl’s edge of the seat visit to the cloning doctor’s house and subsequent ambush by Avery clones. The action in this episode is dialed up to 11 and straps you in for a thrilling ride.


Dorian goes Terminator.  We don’t know all of the capabilities of the DRN’s, but in this episode we see Dorian run very fast to catch the speeding van of the Avery clones and his super strength as he flips the van with one hand. What other capabilities does Dorian have? What happens if a villain reprograms Dorian?


This is definitely an episode that set the bar to the next level for Almost Human. I’m hoping next week they push it up even higher.


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