Almost Human Episode Four “The Bends” Review

So far we have seen the pilot episode, the prostitution episode, the “Die Hard”-esque hostage situation episode, and now we’ve got the undercover drug bust episode that is highlighted with three awesome things:

  1. A good dose of Rudy Lom as he goes undercover to take down a drug ring that is producing and distributing a new drug called “The Bends”.
  2. Dorian going toe-to-toe in a slugfest with another android.
  3. The Terminator moment where Dorian takes down said android using a lifting hook from the factory to tear the android apart.

We also get to see some new tech:

  1. A “hand held” video phone – the phone literally is a small video screen that displays on the palm of the users hand!
  2. A Sub continuous wire – A small wire hidden inside the body that transmits to a receiver.
  3. A GPS tracking fluid – Rudy Lom drinks a liquid that once inside his body makes him a trackable GPS beacon so he doesn’t have to wear the sub continuous wire when he goes undercover.

This episode starts with an undercover cop, Travis Cooper, getting killed during a drug investigation, and it is immediately discovered that he is not working on any department sanctioned case, so he was acting alone. All suspicions point that Travis Cooper got caught up during his investigation, went rogue, and starting dealing drugs himself. Kennex who had a history with Cooper refuses to believe the Cooper got involved in the drug trade and immediately starts to investigate. He finds out that Cooper had scheduled a meeting with the “Bends” drug kingpin, The Bishop, and this lead is enough to convince the rest of the department to commit to an undercover operation that utilizes Rudy Lom as a “cook” to make the drug.


It’s another pulse pounding, tech filled, exciting, science fiction referencing episode, and the funniest moment is at the end of the episode as they are on their way to Kennex’s favorite bar to celebrate Rudy Lom high on adrenaline asks “any chance we can get into a bar fight?”

Almost Human is off to an excellent start.


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