Black Friday

We love our tech here at allnerdity but despite anti-social tendancies we love people too, so on the evening of and the day after Thanksgiving (you know that holiday where we commemorate all that we are thankful for), we ask you not to get caught up in the insanity of Black Friday.



There is no sale, electronic device, or door buster worth fighting, screaming, pushing over old ladies, or killing people over. They are anticipating that families will spend less money on Christmas presents this year than last year, and more than likely stores will be extending their sales throughout the entire Christmas shopping season anyway.

Yes, we live in a country of overwhelming priviledge and sometimes we take that for granted, forgetting that their are those much less fortunate than us in our own country, starving and freezing to death in our streets, wrapping themselves in garbage in a feeble attempt to keep warm.


If you child is so determined that they have to have the newest gaming system or television or what not that it takes precedence over having their parents alive or not hurt to share the holidays with them. Then it is safe to say that that child needs nothing for Christmas.

Tomorrow is small business Saturday and I know a lot of comic book stores that would love for you to spend some money in them. Every comic book store I have ever spent my money in has always been exceedingly polite to me and the owners and workers have always taken a time to get to know me on a first name basis.



Same thing with the librarians at my local library. It would much rather stampede to the library for the comradery, free materials, and knowledge that I can get there. But I’m not going to knock over any old ladies, I’ll hold the door for them.

Have a happy and safe holiday season.



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