Theories about “The Day of the Doctor”

If you haven’t seen the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who entitled “The Day of the Doctor” you probably shouldn’t read this post because its full of spoilers.

This post is intended for discussion so feel free to add your opinions (keep them clean and non-offensive, or I’ll just delete it) in the comments section.

The main question is:

How did the Doctor travel to a fixed point and change history?

Theory #1 – It happened in the Doctor’s timestream

In the last episode to air prior to the 50th special entitled “The Name of the Doctor”, the Doctor portrayed by actor Matt Smith, who will refer to as Doctor Eleven from here on forward, travels to Trenzalore, despite the TARDIS trying to prevent him, where he is faced with the presence of his grave site (which is the Tardis) and the threat of the Great Intelligence. In place of the command console of the TARDIS it is replaced by a column of light that represents the all of the places and times that the Doctor has traveled. The Intelligence enters the Doctor’s time stream, and Clara immediately follows to prevent any damage the Intelligence attempts to inflict, and then Doctor Eleven jumps into the time stream.

Doctor Eleven (Matt Smith)

Doctor Eleven (Matt Smith)

I believe that this could possibly be how Doctor Eleven and Doctor Ten (which is how we will refer to the Doctor played by David Tennant) were able to travel to the place and point in time when Doctor X (which is who we will refer to the Doctor played by John Hurt) was about to active the device that would destroy Gallifrey and the Dalek Armada.

Doctor Ten (David Tennant)

Doctor Ten (David Tennant)

If they were in the Doctor’s time stream then the moment wouldn’t be able to be a fixed point because it was part of the Doctor’s history and accessed through different means. This then brings up a good point, if it happened in the Doctor’s time stream, do the events have any significance outside of the Doctor’s own timeline?

Theory #2 – This is the way the events happened all along

It’s possible that the events of the Day of the Doctor is the way it always happened. The thirteen doctors banded together to use their TARDIS’s to put the planet of Gallifrey into a painting where it would be hidden, this would then cause the Dalek Armada to fire upon themselves as the planet is hidden. Thus giving the illusion that the Dalek Armada was destroyed along with Gallifrey.

Doctor X (John Hurt)

Doctor X (John Hurt)

In the events that take place afterwards as Doctors Eleven, Ten, and X are talking they comment that as Doctor Eleven and Doctor Ten travel back to their respective points in the timeline they will forget the events that happened, so for all intents and purposes Doctors Eleven and Ten wouldn’t know that they helped hide Gallifrey, only that is was gone and presumed destroyed. Doctor X would; however, remember this and any subsequent regenerations of the Doctor would also have this knowledge.

Dalek Armada

Dalek Armada

What do you think happened?


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