Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S2E2 “The Squirrelanoids” Review

Since the second season premiere saw the Turtles accidentally spilling the Kraang’s mutagen all over the city it comes at now surprise that this episode sees the Turtles fighting new mutants. I’m sure that Playmates Toys is absolutely salivating at the idea of all of these new mutants, more characters to make and sell!

In an episode that wasn’t marketed as a Halloween episode, this one falls around that holiday and parodies the sci-fi / horror classic “Alien”.

Michaelangelo is reading a comic book called “Tales of the Cosmos” and it is about space explorers that are attacked by self-replicating aliens. While Raphael mocks Michaelangelo and the wisdom he is gleaning from his comic book, we see that the story in the comic book runs parallel to what’s happening to the turtles. As Raphael damages the comic book, we see Mikey complain about the degrading quality of his comic book as it goes from “Mint” to “garbage”. As a comic collector, I feel you pain Mikey, I really do.

Anyway the Squirrelanoids:

The Squirrelanoids first appear as one ordinary squirrel and it has a homeless man trapped in a corner and scared out of his wits. The Turtles are tracking down mutagen canisters when they come across this scene. Seemingly normal at first, the squirrel turns and hisses at the Turtles. It has a long snake like tongue and its bottom jaw splits in two. It jumps inside the man’s screaming mouth and travels to his stomach.

The Turtles take the homeless man back to their lair where Mikey immediately points out that that is how the aliens got inside the ship in his comic book. Donatello has an X-ray machine! They use the X-ray machine to look inside the man and see that he has two squirrels inside him. He sits up suddenly and vomits up the two squirrels who immediately start running around the lair.

Splinter traps one of the squirrels in a crate and the other jumps inside Raphael’s mouth, duplicates, and then he vomits them back out. The Squirelnoids then have a secondary mutation where they turn into the “Alien” like monsters.


The Turtles fight the Squirrelanoids and use the same method used in Mikey’s comic book to “beat” them. It’s an action packed episode full of lot of homage to the Aliens movies.



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