Dead, Alive, Controlling Green Glowing Nanobots

In my opinion I would have to say the best new science fiction / drama show to come to television is NBC’s Revolution.


Revolution debuted in the fall of 2012 on Monday nights and this season moved to Wednesday nights. It is created and executive produced by Eric Kripke, who also brought us the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, the demon hunting duo from Supernatural.

(Fun Fact: Kripke is a huge fan of the comic book Hellblazer and wanted to feature main character/anti-hero John Constantine in Supernatural but couldn’t, so he created his own Constantine in the character Castiel. Ever notice they dress similar too…?)

John Constantine, Hellblazer

John Constantine Hellblazer

Castiel, Supernatural

Castiel, Supernatural

Revolution has aired six episodes so far of its second season and we find ourselves wondering about the most intriguing character in the show, Aaron Pittman, who is played by Zak Orth. In season one we found ourselves wondering what his purpose in the story line was and we didn’t realize it until Rachel Matheson (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) revealed that the nano bots that disabled all electrical currents were based on computer code that Aaron wrote while a student at MIT. Aaron immediately is wrapped with guilt now that he is aware that all of the horrible things that have happened since the nano bot inflicted blackout originated from code he wrote. His guilt is multiplied when Randall Flynn (played by Colm Feore) is able to launch nuclear missiles destroying the capital cities where the militias reside.

Aaron Pittman, Revolution

Aaron Pittman, Revolution

Then we roll into season two and Aaron is promptly murdered by a machete wielding raider that invades his home while protecting his new wife.

But even though Aaron’s heart has stopped for several hours, Aaron gasps for air and is alive again!

It’s the nanobots. The nanobots that now glow green in the sky and swarm like bugs on a hot summer evening. In season one, we learned that a woman was in remission from a disease because the nanobots had supressed the disease, but we had no idea that they could bring someone back to life.

And now we learn that Aaron can control the nanobots. In moments when Aaron was angry he caused two “Patriot” guards to catch fire, and after being assaulted he causes a couple enjoying themselves in the back seat of a car to catch fire. In moments when he seemingly falls unconscious but his eyes are in a state of REM he can see what the nanobots are seeing.

So now we are seeing why Aaron is so important to the show although we have absolutely no idea how he has any power or control over these nanobots.

So right now Aaron can see through the nanobots and can cause fires to start. What other abilities do you think the nanobots might have granted Aaron?

Revolution warrants your viewing time until it jumps a shark.


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