Ransomcrypt: CryptoLocker


A new Ransomlock Trojan has emerged from the depths. This threat known as “CryptoLocker” (Trojan.Ransomcrypt) has been growing. This nasty bug encrypts data files such as images, Microsoft Office files and then demands payment through bit coins or cash to decrypt them. All within a designated amount of time. Yes, its like a super hero / super villain plot only in your computer and doesn’t involve 100 billion dollars….only about $300 or 2 bit coins (give or take). Most of the known cases have been found in North America.


The initial attack usually comes from an email containing a malicious Trojan.Zbot attachment that downloads then installs the virus. It employs a domain generation algorithm to find an active C&C server. So far, Symantec is the only antivirus company that has the remedy within its software, however other programs are coming on board.

Users should never pay the ransom to have their files decrypted. If you receive this virus, don’t try to remove it unless you are a skilled IT professional. The decryption of the files is rather difficult and most of the time the files are forfeit. So make sure you backup regularly. Programs like, Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes etc will remove the virus, but will not hand over the authentication key for the files on the computer to become decrypted. Most of the time, one must hope shadow copies can be examined to find the files on the HD.


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