AR Drone 2.0

The AR Drone 2.0 is by far the coolest “toy” I have had in a long time. It does flips, it goes over 150ft in the air and can be controlled by an android or IOS device. The AR Drone 2.0 is a quad-copter. It has four propellers attached to a plastic/foam hull. Included with the drone are two hulls, one for indoor use which protects the bladesdownload and an outdoor hullar.drone.2.0. The battery can be charged in about an hour and has about a 15 minute flying timear-drone2-battery. I got a spare battery, however there is a 1500MaH battery out now for 30 minutes of flying timeces-2-3. The AR Drone 2.0 retails for about $299.99. It is really great to fly and includes an HD camera facing down and to the front. The front camera records at 720p HD. I have included some recording I have done. Just remember, don’t fly this in high winds, Its on board computer can correct itself in some situations but its best to stay grounded until the wind dies down.


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