Did Beware the Batman get Pulled from Cartoon Network’s Schedule?

Entertainment bloggers Nick and More tweeted today that Beware the Batman has been pulled from Cartoon Network’s schedule and been replaced by another repeat episode of Teen Titans Go!

TV Listings is still showing that episode 12 “Attraction” will run this Saturday, the 26th and that episode 13 “Fall” will run Saturday, November 3rd; however, the listing of Beware the Batman episodes on Wikipedia now lists both episodes as TBA.


Should we be surprised by this move by Cartoon Network?

There are supposedly 26 episodes of this season and only 11 have aired, the ratings for the episodes that have aired are allegedly underwhelming for the time slot in which it runs (not even matching Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice), the series seemed to really be hitting its stride lately, and Cartoon Network already did this to the DC Nation block when they pulled Green Lantern TAS and Young Justice for an extended period of time.

We eventually got to see the end of the first seasons of Green Lantern and Young Justice so I believe we will eventually see all 26 episodes of Beware the Batman, but this definitely is not good for Beware the Batman’s chances of getting renewed. Nor is this particularly good for the future of the DC Nation block.

Beware the Batman

Beware the Batman

Teen Titans Go! does not appear to have been affected in any way other than it will now air in the 10:00 – 10:30 time slot too.

It almost feels as if Cartoon Network is deliberately sabotaging DC’s animated shows, through insufficient advertising, and inconsistent show schedules. Perhaps its time that DC Nation find a different network to work with…?

If DC Nation can’t strike success with Batman in the DC Nation block, which property should DC develop next? Most likely with the box office success of Man of Steel, it would be a Superman property, which would be awesome; however, if it gets the same treatment as Green Lantern, Young Justice, and what Beware the Batman seems to be receiving how can it have any hope of succeeding?


UPDATE: Beware the Batman did get Pulled from Cartoon Network’s Schedule


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