Beware the Batman Episode 12 “Attraction”

Well there wasn’t a new episode of Beware the Batman this past weekend to review but thanks to Wikipedia’s list of Batman episodes we know the next episode will air on October 26th, is titled “Attraction”, and will feature the return of the villain Magpie.

beware the batman magpie

If you watched the episode “Secrets” and you ignored the substantial lack of outfit that Magpie is wearing you probably noticed that she is: crazy, violent, and dangerous as demonstrated in this video clip where she takes Batman down:

Of the villains that have been featured twice so far in this series its been quite evident now that Katana is in the fold that they are upping their tactics and violence. It will be interesting to watch this episode to see how crazy and violent Magpie can get. I’m sure that Katana will get in a nice jab about Magpie’s lack of costume. So far we’ve been able to count on Katana to lighten up the series with a good one liner.

So mark your calenders for this one because if Magpie’s coming back that means its going to be “CRAZY CRAZY”.

UPDATE: Did Beware the Batman Get Pulled From Cartoon Network’s Schedule?


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