Beware the Batman Episode 11 “Instinct” Review

This episode sees the return of Professor Pyg and Mister Toad and if you read my review of the first episode Hunted you know that I am not very fond of them as villians. Now as the series has progressed I find myself rethinking my stance a little bit. Perhaps they weren’t the greatest villains to launch a new Batman show but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t interesting villains.


Unfortunately, we don’t have any kind of background information to get a sense of what created Professor Pyg and Mister Toad. If the villains are going to continue to be used in this series if would be nice to provide some kind of glimpse into their past, especially Mister Toad, since he is a frog with a sonic belch. It would be interesting to know where that all came from.

This episode continues to show how excellent of a combatant Batman is and while this show could completely focus on how important Batman is to it, it also shows how important Bruce Wayne is. AFter Batman overrides the security to activate the sprinkler system on the yacht to stop Pyg and Toad’s temperature sensitive bombs from going off Katana asks Batman how he knew that and Batman responds “Bruce Wayne knows yachts.”


It also shows Batman’s excellence as a detective as he picks up three small crimes while he is sitting in a restaurant with Katana just by noticing the small details.

In past reviews I’ve talked about how important the Bat-computer is to Batman, how it is an important weapon in his war on crime. In this episode we see Katana accessing the Bat-computer to analyze clues and plan their next move, but Batman already has the computer beat and knows the answer, prompting Katana to ask “why do we even have this thing?”

I definitely don’t like how Pyg and Toad are depicted as eco-terrorists. Our environment and animal welfare are very important. I got the feeling in this episode that the writers were promoting the idea that only a crazy person would be offended by clothes made out of leather, fur, or exotic bird feathers. It bothers me because these are serious issues that our society needs to be addressed. Perhaps if the show had depicted concern for the animals used in the clothing by someone not intent on mass murder to way the crazy it would have made me feel a little better.

The Dr. Burr / Katana relationship gets a little more confusing in this episode as we see Katana getting irritated with Burr when he isn’t falling all over himself in fascination of her. As I’ve said before the relationship seems strange to start with but her only being happy with him when he’s a bumbling fool seems even more confusing.


This episode ends with Dr. Burr, whom is under the control of Cypher, being inducted into the League of Assassins promising Lady Shiva that he will deliver the Ion Cortex to her.

Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva

Pyg and Toad are deranged, psychotic, murderous villains and they definitely have some flares that make them interesting, but still I’m longing for a deranged, psychotic, murderous Joker with Harley Quinn by his side tearing up Gotham and his chilling laughter ringing through the night…


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