Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E2 Review

I really don’t know what to make of this show.


A lot of people are going to watch this show. Even people that decide that they don’t like it will probably watch a few episodes of the show after they come to that conclusion. I, like a lot of people, want this show to do well and I want this show to be awesome, but my biggest fear is that it is going to turn into a generic “artifact or powered person of the week” show.


This show is determined to hit you over the head with how grounded in the Marvel universe movies it is. There are references to Tony Stark / Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Nick Fury. And you know all of those advertisements telling you to stick around at the end? Well [SPOILER ALERT] its Nick Fury and he’s yelling at Agent Coulson about wrecking the expensive plane. While its cool to see the scene with Nick Fury, it seemed a bit of a let down because of how much this “special scene” was hyped up in the commercials.


What’s good about this episode is that it gets the team out of the United States and puts them in Peru where they are investigating a strange artifact found in an Incan archeological dig site. It shows that they are world wide. Which is pretty good to point out since they have a hero dressed in red, white, and blue named Captain America leading the Avengers.


What’s also good is we see the Fitz, Simmons, Ward, May, and Skye having to bond together and become a team. Clearly this was the focus of this episode with all the infighting amongst the members earlier in the episode. Ward shows some interest in Skye and at May’s suggestion says he will become her supervising officer. Ward seems to have some unprofessional interests about her too…


This episode has a gun battle, a car chase, an attempted seduction, and a battle in a damaged plane. It seemed a little bit expected and generic. Of course they were going to get ambushed at the dig site… Of course they were going to get double crossed by the Peruvian Military unit…


In conclusion the episode is entertaining and I’ll watch episode 3 too because I really want to see what they are going to do with this show once they get settled in. This shows relationship to the Marvel cinematic universe seems to hurt it in a way because the expectations for this show are sky high, but you can’t accomplish the same types of things on a hour long TV program as you can on a two hour movie with a $200 million dollar budget.

Two things that I really like were the trailers that air during the broadcast for “Thor: The Dark World” and “Ender’s Game”. Both of these movies look fantastic. I am much more excited about “Ender’s Game” though.


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