Beware the Batman Episode 10 “Sacrifice” Review

If you haven’t read any of my BTB reviews before: I’m warning you right now. There are SPOILERS AHEAD!
Okay, so finally the pieces are falling together.

The Good:

  1. Anarky is back!
  2. Beware The Batman's Anarky

    Beware The Batman’s Anarky

    • Anarky can fight – The opening scene depicts Anarky taking down three League of Assassins ninjas and stealing the cargo they are smuggling. Later he makes it into the inner sanctum of the League of Assassins to confront Lady Shiva face to face. How many ninjas do you think he had to fight? How sleathy do you think he needed to be?
    • Anarky is scheming – Anarky uses the stolen cargo as leverage to get Lady Shiva and the League of Assassins to retrieve a chemical contagion for him. I doubt he ever intended to allow them to leave the building. Batman, Katana, and Lady Shiva dying in an explosion as the chemical contagion is released upon the city would be the best outcome Anarky could hope for.
    Lady Shiva

    Lady Shiva

  3. The Contagion – Two League of Assassin ninjas are infected with the contagion and they turn into muscle bound hulks smashing through the building attacking whoever is in front of them. The contagion is unstable and an overdose or extended exposure can kill, and in its current form it causes the infected to become rather brainless. I saw this as a rudimentary form of the venom that Bane uses. Perhaps this is a link to bring Bane into the show in the future?
  4. btb-infected ninjas

  5. The Cargo – That crate that Anarky stole. Guess whose inside? Ra’s Al Ghul! Ra’s is the first A-list villain from the Bat-univese to make an appearance in Beware the Batman. Who will follow? What menace will Ra’s unleash on Gotham? Oh boy this show just got really interesting.

I don’t have anything bad to say about this episode because it is a really good episode that upped the stakes for both the threat and relevance of Anarky and the impending crisis for Gotham now that Ra’s Al Ghul is on the scene.

In conclusion: an excellent episode in a series that just raised the bar for itself.


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