5 Cool Vans From Fictional Franchises

  1. The Turtle Van: This Donatello designed and built van has taken the Turtles into battle against the Shredder and Krang many, many times. This van is outfitted as a mobile battle station and when you see this van rolling up on you, you know the turtles mean business!


  2. The Mystery Machine: While there is nothing special or souped up about this van. It has brought our heroes to many “haunted” locales for some serious mystery solving.


  3. The A-Team Van: This is another van that if it pulled behind you, you knew you were in trouble. Mainly because it meant Mr. T was inside and “I pity the fool that don’t take Mr. T seriously!”


  4. The Ghostbuster’s Station Wagon: I know this isn’t a van but station wagons have the same prejiduce levelled against them as being “lame”, so how could we exclude the Ecto-1? This station wagon and the people inside it has been protecting us from things from the underworld and it deserves some respect.
  5. Imperial Walker Van: THIS IS JUST AWESOME! Could you imagine pulling up to the school and dropping your kids off at soccer practice in this? It’s branded Volkwagon too, so you know its dependable. LOL!

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