Beware the Batman Episode 8 “Allies” Review

So I fell asleep twice watching this episode and that in itself is seemingly a powerful review; however, its not truly accurate. My daughter has a gymnastics class on Saturdays so I cannot watch the episodes when they air so I watch them later when they are available through Time Warner Cable on demand. Because of their obligation to advertisers, new programs to the on demand feature have the fast forward function disabled. When I fell asleep the first time I woke before the episode ended and rewound to a part of the episode I remembered and began to watch again, when I fell asleep the second time the episode had ended when I woke up and I would have had to watch the entire episode again to see what I had missed. At this point it wasn’t worth trying because I would have likely fallen asleep again, so I waited another day and then watched it again. So now I’ve watched the episode a third time and here is the review:

With Simon Stagg in custody, because of his part in creating Metamorpho in the episode “Toxic” his warehouse have no become easy picking and Tobais Wales, the gangster kidnapped by Humpty Dumpty in “Broken” is no robbing the warehouses. Batman shows up and takes down Wales and his henchmen. Shortly thereafter Lt. Gordon shows up and Batman turns Wales over to him, and Gordon instructs his cops to arrest Batman, but Batman escapes.


Next up is Tatsu dressed up in a giant red, clunky suit of armor. She is unable to even move a finger (she tries) and argues that she cannot fight in the armor. She sheds the armor and dons a black mask, her katana blade, and requests the moniker “Katana” for when they are “in the field”. Katana is the same moniker she used when she infiltrated the League of Shadows and her reason for ressurecting it now is because she wants the League of Shadows to know who she is when she’s beating the stuffing out of them. How noble.

Barbara Gordon is kidnapped from the house she shares with her father and this leads to Gordon pounding on Wales in his jail cell to get information about where his thugs have taken his daughter. Instead of information he gives Gordon an ultimatum. With nowhere left to turn Lt. Gordon turns to Batman and contacts him by making the bat signal out of a spotlight and a bat decoration that was hanging from the wall in Barbara’s room. In Barbara’s room we see her wall of Batman clippings and get to see some of her infatuation with Batman. At the end of the episode when she’s rescued Barbara excited points out to Lt. Gordon how Batman was fighting with a girl and starry-eyed asks if it could be her someday. Is this foreshadowing of her becoming Batgirl in this series…? While imprisoned by Wales thugs, Barbara criticizes their moves showing that she has an understanding of how criminals act and what they do.


In this episode we are introduced to Milo Match, who is Wales lawyer, but he also becomes a human torch and can shoot flames from his hands. His villain name is Phosphorous Rex. I thought about different “powered” villains so far in this episode and wondered if we will see more of them now that Batman and Katana are fighting together? Now that things need to be stepped up a notch, per se. In episode one, we saw Mister Toad who was a toad who could walk upright, no explanation and it wasn’t a suit. Mr. Toad was simply a humanoid talking frog. We saw the creation of Metamorpho and his subsequent rampage and confrontation with Batman. We know where Metamorpho came from, but not when we will see him again…

The best part of this series is watching Batman’s world expand and waiting to see who gets introduced next. While Wales and Match are not interesting villains, the continued development of Barbara Gordon is extremely entertaining and it will be interesting to see what they do with her character in the series.


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